The purpose of this study was to observe the change of lumbosacral angle and intervertebral disc (IVD) area. The study was conducted on chronic low back pain (CLBP) female patients for 12 weeks by operating sling exercise and general physical therapy. The 57 CLBP were divided into 2 groups which, sling exercise group (SEG, n=34) and general physical therapy group (PTG, n=23).

The experiment was conducted three times a week for 12 weeks. The lumbosacral angle, which means the angle between the L1–L2 lumbar was measured by plain radiogra-phy. The IVD area, which means the IVD height and volume was mea-sured by magnetic resonance imaging. The pain was measured by vi-sual analogue scale (VAS). As a result, after 12-week exercise, VAS had decreased in all groups. The angle of L3–4 and L4–5 and the height of IVD had increased in SEG. Also, IVD height and volume has more im-proved in SEG compare the PTG. Therefore, the sling exercise is proper treatment for CLBP patients’ recovery because It improve the lumbosa-cral angle and IVD area.

Keywords: Lumbosacral angle, Intervertebral disc area, Visual ana-logue scale, Chronic low back pain, Sling exercise