Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are asked most often. We hope they address some of your questions.

We analyze postural imbalances and treat in all three dimensions.
We are the first in the country to use a 3D digital scan to analyze your movement patterns and get objective measures. Seeing with the naked eye has its limitations and biases lead to error. Movement recorded using 3D technology lets us see important details in slow motion and replay with clients and colleagues: face to face and online.

Posture is not determined by isolated muscles, but by groups of muscles often termed, “Postural muscle chains”.  Any dysfunction or disharmony in these proprioceptive muscle chains will lead to postural disorders resulting in pain, stiffness, or limited ROM.

Old injuries and new injuries cause postural disequilibrium, and our system adapts to a new normal. The postural system is self-maintaining and self -adapting and will never be able to correct the new state of imbalance on its own. By correcting imbalances or “weak links” in the whole system, activating dormant muscles and inhibiting muscles that are overworking, we are able to restore function more efficiently to prevent further injury and enable faster recovery.

You will first experience our 3D sensorless digital scan. Wear tight non-reflective clothing and tie your hair up in a bun. You will Copy the easy movements on the screen, and as you watch the instruction video, your moves are recorded and analyzed with artificial intelligence assisted technology. You will get objective measures with visuals and a biomechanics report. A program will be designed for you to correct specific imbalances based on the objective data of the 3D Scan.

Yes.  Once we have an accurate 3D recording and measurement of your movement, balance and posture, we can design a program and provide you with a customized exercise program.

Our postural system is self-maintaining and self-adapting. Stress or an old injury can cause our system to adapt to a new normal or pathological pattern/ postural adjustment leading to a state of imbalance. It will never be able to correct on its own.

We have not invented a new medicine but a new way of looking at medicine. Normal posture = absence of strain, harmonious = no pain. More than 90% of people present postural with disequilibrium. We treat the cause, not the symptoms. Postural disorders occur in all 3 dimensions. They are responsible for excessive strain and demand on muscles and ligaments. Posture is not determined by isolated muscles but by groups of muscle chains.

Any dysfunction or disharmony in these proprioceptive muscle chains will lead to postural disorders. Postural disorders are at the root of every mechanical strain thus fail to cure the patient. Postureworks focuses on correcting postural disorders and the roots of mechanical strain to avoid future injury. If your body is out of alignment it does not function properly and is susceptible to injury.

For example, your shoulder problem may be stemming from an old injury and imbalance in your hips.  Furthermore, imbalances in your hips may be causing chronic ankle sprains.  We design a comprehensive program that works for you and your lifestyle vs. treating one joint or area of your body.  You, as the client, are active in the process.  You should feel results every session. Our team of committed therapists and movement specialists work diligently to provide a calm, focused, and productive environment.  We also offer maintenance programs and memberships for corrective exercise, postural training and performance training.

More than 90% of people present with postural disequilibrium.  Years of imbalance cause abnormal strains on the body’s tissues, which result in various painful pathologies.  Postureworks can help you correct postural imbalances before the damage is done.  Since we have a system that allows us to test where the “weak links” are, we are able to minimize reoccurrence of injuries by correcting imbalances that are often not yet symptomatic.  Don’t let chronic pain, or a chronic injury from sports or an accident get the in the way of your best life.

Postureworks professionals use a suspension system to put you in a weightless, pain-free setting. The slings and bungees support you, to correct postural imbalances, enabling the right muscles to work at the right time. With injury or trauma, our body is in the state of “fight-or-flight.”  Our goal is to restore homeostasis and eliminate subconscious and conscious muscular guarding/holding patterns and pain.