Moovment 3D Body Scan

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3D Body Scan

We have partnered with an award-winning digital health company,
Qinematic, to offer Moovment ScanTM – a software that creates a 3D
avatar of your movements, balance, and posture for objective
measurements and tracking your progress.

“When you are in optimal alignment, you discover the intelligence of your mind and body.”

Our physical therapists use Moovment software to record and measure 3D movement patterns in order to make better decisions about your individual needs and to show outcomes from our interventions and recommendations. The Moovment scan uses 3D sensor technology to create a digital avatar of your body performing a series of basic movements. The infrared camera is harmless and the scan takes just 15 minutes. Calculations are performed by the system to provide instant animated feedback, measurements, and a detailed report of your posture, balance, and movement.

The 3D visualization is used to identify any existing or potential movement-related problems. Results are available inside of the Moovment.Pro app, and our team can provide simple corrective exercises during a consultation. Follow-up scan results can be compared over time to show progress

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Discover the key to a body that can keep up with the demands of a healthy, active lifestyle and it all starts with our 3D Body Scan. Our therapies will improve your performance and help you live a pain free life all while keeping you in the game.

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