Have you ever noticed in the mirror that your shoulders are tilted, your back is hunched, or your knees are twisted? Do you have muscular pain without knowing why?

That endless pain in your neck, back, shoulders, or joints. You have tried different exercises, but … they haven’t worked so far. Try analysing your body with the 3D Moovment tool by Qinematic. It helps us to find abnormalities in body structures and the way you move. It reveals the root cause of health problems and helps to choose the appropriate exercise regime for better health.

The health problems mentioned above often develop over time. Most of them come from your daily routine, which you become accustomed to, such as carrying a heavy backpack, bending forward to see your mobile phone, sitting at the computers for hours, sitting cross-legged, or from sport. These will inevitably affect your mood and health in the end. Some people may eventually need to have surgery.

Of course, we need to find a cure before it’s too late. Physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises will be helpful, and you can do something about it before getting to that stage.

The innovative 3D Moovment Scan helps health and fitness lovers to analyse and reveal flaws, compensations and abnormalities in the body.

To get the most out of your workouts, perform a 3D Moovment Scan for accurate analysis and to achieve optimal workout results.

To understand how movements from daily life affect us, such as standing upright, tilting, lifting legs, this is a very effective body scan and it takes no time to know the results immediately. To know if our body structure is balanced. Are there any defective or abnormal muscles or joints?’’ Head PT, Don, Fitness First Bangkok

The tool is able to analyze with great precision, revealing even the slightest anomalies, down to pixels. The effects on health can be detected, such as the adhesion of the joints, spine, and inflexible muscles. They can even affect your mood.

For example, tightness and poor posture of the neck and shoulder muscles often results in chronic pain that can affect our daily life.

The results of the analysis can lead to many benefits, for the end user and for the health expert. If you have neck pain, back pain, or muscle injury, the scans are ideal during a consultation with a doctor, to help decide on immediate treatment. And most importantly, the scans help a trainer (Fitness Trainer) design an individualised exercise program in the correct way.

Injury prevention helps you to reach your exercise potential, with better and faster results. In addition to this, seeing body structural defects, such as a hunched back, protruding abdomen, or slanting shoulders, a fitness trainer can easily explain this to you, and make very personal recommendations for improvement.