The purpose of study was to compare the effectiveness of sling exercise on the muscle strength and range of motion in female patients who received a total knee replacement. The participants were allocated randomly into 2 groups: sling exercise group (n=15) and control group (n=15).

The subjects were evaluated using the Biodex system for the muscle strength test and a goniometer for the range of motion test. The data was analyzed using a paired t-test and independent t-test to determine the statistical significance. As a result, the sling exercise group before and after intervention showed a statistical significance difference in the flexion angle, quadriceps femoris, and hamstring muscle strength. The control group before and after the intervention revealed a statistically significant increase in the flexion & extension angle, quadriceps femoris, and hamstring muscle strength.

Muscle strength test and flexion range of motion test in the sling exercise group showed statistical significance differences compared to the control group (p<.05). Therefore, the sling exercise group has a positive influence on the muscle strength and ROM in patients with a total knee replacement.

Key Words: Muscular Strength, Range of Motion, Sling Exercise, Total Knee Replacement