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In cycling, a lot of control and stability in the abdomen and back is required to have a good sitting position and avoid “wobbling”. A strong core muscle is important to get maximum power into the pedals. In addition, cycling puts a very static load on the upper body and it is common with ailments in the back, neck and shoulders.
We have received help from David Bombeke (Cadel Evans’ physiotherapist) and the Norwegian cycling hope Sebastian Ferner Johansen (Team People4you) to select some good performance-enhancing and injury-preventing exercises in Redcord. Read how Cadel Evans uses Redcord in his training

Abdominal hip flexion with scissors 
Strength and mobility hip + control shoulders.
Support on elbows or stand in hand standing plank with straps at ankle. Alternately pull your knees toward your chest in a cycling motion. Focus on good contact with the stomach and avoid swaying in the back.

Abdominal lying Hip flexion with straight legs
Interaction between abdomen/back and hip flexors.
Starting position: supine plank with support on elbows and straps at the ankle. Pull your feet towards your chest with straight legs. Focus on activating the stomach.
Progression: on straight arms.

Backrest Knee flexion 

Ryggliggende knefleksjon 3 - ExorLive

Rear muscle chain, interaction seat, and hamstrings.
Lie on your back with your heels in a separate strap. Lift up in the backboard. Pull your heels towards the seat with straight hips. Make sure that the seat does not sink to the floor. The exercise is easier with the arms down along the side. Progression: balance cushion under the shoulder blades.

Standing Lunge

Stående utfall bak 1 - ExorLive

Alignment hip/knee/toe.
Stand on one leg just below the hanger with support in straps or wide sling. Take squats with a focus on keeping a straight line in the hip/knee/toe. Be sure to look ahead and that the knee does not pass the toes.

The slings allow you to do exercises that are tailored and very functional for cycling. We have worked a lot with neck and shoulder exercises, a lot in time trial position. We have a strong focus on core muscles to improve his stability on the bike, says Bombeck.

Lying pelvic lift with one leg
Interplay back body and main muscle seat.
Lie on your back with a narrow sling in the kneecap on one leg. Lift the seat off the floor and lift the body up in a straight position.
Progression: with arms crossed over chest / with balance pads under shoulder blades.
NB: video shows with both legs in slings, the exercise should only be done with a sling on one leg.

Lateral Hip Abduction Outward
transducers and outward rotators (can prevent knee injuries).
Lie on your side with both legs in a wide or narrow sling about 30 cm above the ground. Lift up in side plank, lift the upper leg. Return to starting position.
Progression: balance pad under the shoulder.

Standing / Kneeling Flyes
Shoulders / neck + chest.
Stand under the hanger with your arms bent and straps on your forearm. Move your arms outward by about 90 degrees at the elbow as you lean forward. Push back to starting position. Make sure you have good control in your stomach and avoid swaying your lower back. Remember to keep your shoulders low.